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Kokkos provides an abstract interface for portable, performant shared memory-programming. It is a C++ library that offers parallel_for, parallel_reduce and similar functions for describing the pattern of the parallel tasks. The execution policy determines how the threads are executed. For example, this influences the sizes of blocks of threads or if static or dynamic scheduling should be used. The library abstracts the kernel as a function object that can not have any user defined parameters for its operator(). Arguments have to be stored in members of the function object coupling algorithm and data together. KOKKOS provides both, abstractions for parallel execution of code and data management. Multidimensional arrays with a neutral indexing and an architecture dependent layout are available, which can be used, for example, to abstract the underlying hardwares preferred memory access scheme that could be row-major, column-major or even blocked.


Thrust is a parallel algorithms library resembling the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). It allows to select either the CUDA, TBB or OpenMP back-end at make-time. Because it is based on generic host_vector and device_vector container objects, it is tightly coupling the data structure and the parallelization strategy. There exist many similar libraries such as ArrayFire (CUDA, OpenCL, native C++), VexCL (OpenCL, CUDA), ViennaCL (OpenCL, CUDA, OpenMP) and hemi (CUDA, native C++).

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  • Phalanx See here It is very similar to alpaka in the way it abstracts the accelerators. C++ Interface provides CUDA, OpenMP, and GASNet back-ends

  • Aura

  • Intel TBB

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